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Welcome to
Startup Confidential!

Are you ready to take your startup dreams to the next level?

Startup Confidential Is Your Ticket Into the World of High-Tech, Startups, and Business!

The stories told here highlight the journeys of 4 startup companies, all inspired by true stories of successes and failures. The episodes dive as deep as possible regarding the companies’ progress at different stages of their growth cycle, analyzes their decisions (both wrong and right), and the business and legal aspects associated with startup development and scaling.

  • Learn Key Financial and Legal Terms
  • Understand How To Think As An Entrepreneur
  • Set Your Own Startup Success

Take your business to the next level with Startup Confidential


Nimrod has vast experience managing high-tech financing transactions, venture lending, private and public companies, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate counseling. He is the CEO and Founder of Consiglieri, the go-to advisory firm for fast-track tech companies that helps them with all their strategic transactions and processes; and CEO and founder of founderrunway.com, a content platform for entrepreneurs. Nimrod is also a Partner at Arnon Tadmor Levy Law Firm in the Hi-Tech Department.

Jordan is a recognized master of verbal and digital storytelling. Jordan manages his own marketing and branding company for high-tech ventures called JB Upscale and has completed projects in the fields of: government diplomacy, travel technology, education, telehealth, e-commerce, cybersecurity, and adtech. He has successfully managed growing digital communities, including one with 3,000+ entrepreneurs, investors, and business advisors. In addition, he regularly hosts tech professionals on his high-tech podcast called “High Tech on the Low”.

A professional actress with a specialization in technological and commercial productions. She has proven experience in presenting new, innovative products and has a vast portfolio of hi-tech productions.

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Startup Confidential Is An All-In-One Course That Provides Everything You Need to Start Your Own Startup!

This comprehensive course will help you build a solid foundation for your business, so you can start seeing results faster.

You'll learn how to develop a sound business strategy to guide your decisions.

Gain insights into how to develop a strong founder's agreement, manage investors, and close solid deals!

Learn critical business knowledge that will set you up for success.

Business vocabulary can be confusing, Startup Confidential lays out terms in a clear manner so you can use them in your future business dealings.

With Startup Confidential, you’ll be able to take your business to the next level.

By understanding the journeys of 4 companies who go down 4 distinct, unique paths, you will learn in advance what mistakes to avoid and how to achieve entrepreneurial success.

You'll also receive a downloadable business cheat sheet with terms and business strategies to refer to even after you've watched the series.

Is Startup Confidential applicable to me?
If you are working for a tech company, an entrepreneur, tech founder, tech enthusiast, or just simply wanting to learn more about startups, then this is most definitely applicable to you. The companies are different and we cover various stages of growth, meaning the series hits on a variety of terms for you to know to be successful when growing your business or starting your very own business.
Can i order just one company's story?
Yes, we offer flexible package deals. Feel free to order one and decide if you like the series and want to learn more.
Beyond the series, do you offer any other type of help or consultation for startups?
You can always reach out to Nimrod or Jordan for professional consultation. We also have included in each episode downloadable assets that relate to the episode contents and can be used by you during your startup journey. 
How long will it take me to view the series?
Each company will take around 2-3 hours of your viewing time. So, alltogether, you are looking between 8 - 12 hours of viewing time that you can split based on your schedule.

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